Medical Data Exchange

Simplified Care Coordination via Universal Interoperability Engine

Facilitates Integrated care-management


Automated Realtime Medical Scribe

Facilitating AI generated real-time medical scribe

Cutting down on physicians’ 'pajama time’

"Healthcare Systems can’t operate in silos. It has to be communicative. It has to be Interoperable."

The medzinc Platform

Medical Scribe

Our AI-generated Medical Scribe Automation Solution offers a ground-breaking leap in healthcare innovation. Through real-time transcription of clinical conversations, complex medical data is accurately translated into comprehensive electronic health records, eliminating manual scribe assistance.


A medical data exchange platform designed to streamline the way care providers communicate with each other and with patients, creating a framework for universal interoperability. The medzinc platform allows providers to securely share clinical data with each other in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

MedData Converter

MedData converter facilitates medical data (FHIR, HL7, X-12, and CCD) conversion and data exchange framework. It has the ability to transform and normalize disparate data sources into a unified format that can be used by healthcare providers and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

MedData Service

A tool kit for building custom healthcare application interfaces. Healthcare stakeholders have different needs that must be met through a wide range of applications. So, we have created a toolkit that makes it easy to build custom interfaces for your application— no matter how complex.

Our Solutions

Medical Scribe Automation

medzinc enables automated clinical documentation by instantly transcribing details from clinical appointments into electronic health records (EHRs). This eliminates the necessity for manual scribe assistance, marking a breakthrough in AI-powered medical charting.

Interoperability & Unification

medzinc platform empowers service providers to generate healthcare claims that can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement of provided medical services. This technology facilitates smooth data interchange for transparency within healthcare systems.

Medical Decision Making

medzinc plays a vital part in telehealth by linking rural communities with urban specialists, effectively closing the divide. The inherent capabilities of the medzinc platform empower doctors and enrich patient interactions by enabling precise decision-making.

Efficient Patient Management

The medzinc platform delivers top-notch medical data to enhance effective patient care, directly influencing health outcomes. Additionally, it empowers physicians and contributes significantly to creating a more favorable patient recovery journey.

Hasslefree Medical Billing

Healthcare service providers can generate medical claims that are submitted to insurance companies for payment related to provided medical services. This technology facilitates smooth data exchange, fostering transparency within healthcare systems

Personalized Health Insights

medzinc goes beyond being a static storage for patient information; it integrates data, expertise, and software tools to aid patients in gaining a deeper comprehension of their health. This empowers patients to actively engage in their healthcare journey.

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